X-mas tree



Christmas Eve

Decorations all around Setting up the X-mas tree Nourishing it up with jingle bells Yes, its the CHRISTMAS TIME Worshipping the lord Jesus Christ To sit at your knees First Making up a wish for the beloved one Promising to always have unwind fun Throughout life with the one Yes, its the CHRISTMAS PHRASE Bading […]

Why to think about baits when you know you have been leading and you will always lead from the front, Nevertheless the cheaters will tend to heckle you, Its you who is gonna lead #goals Posted from WordPress for Android

My Story :)

The story began with the right ethics Past was the emotion mixed with astonishing pics Stood Tall to earadicate the wounds Far though decided to embrace the attitude of clowns Face of tear was the reality, Moment of joy was the visuality Yet to try for the formid smile was a dream Wish to laugh […]

Was It A Winter??

Days going long went off Ways to live day stripped off What that change was for? Thought what was it for? Is this a Winter? Yes it was a Winter. Eve’s became pampering Stars started glooming People got there woolen outfit Was that the nature’s credit? Is this a Winter? Yes it was a Winter. […]

Clicked & Said

Peace Integrity Desire Shallow thoughts…      wonders of the world… Shabby attitude , Turning point, Heart throbbing moments…                   All VIBES clearify the instinct moments you’re upto            heavenly spirits aren’t difficult to find… define yourself and you’re onto… Clever theft indeed is left untortured..      Deprived off the naturely architecture Theft that solemnly […]