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The poetry be your voice The poetry be your inner peace The poetry be your soul Every poetry makes a simple attempt Every word of it makes an integrated effort Every single line of it makes a curious belief. It’s not a ritual written on paper its a poetry It’s not a harsh lecture its […]


She walks in beauty Yes!! She resembles a complete nurtured tree truly She has a pride within Bears an immense amount of healthy feeling She being the youth giver And yet she’s extremely clever She is the solemn worldly power Has Numerous strength like a mighty tower The first individual a child bestows at his/her […]

More Of :)

More of Yes!! More of,you try to doubt your goals The lesser you’re born to win More of Yes!! More of,The freedom you sieze to yourself The slower you develop yourself to trust More of Yes!! More of,The love you believe in The stronger is the bond that you’ll gratify More of Yess!! More of, […]

The year comes to an end The tale isn’t at its end The knot one has gotta strech to the end The choice of happiness is otherwise at the end In this new year we welcome 2k17 Where some lead their way from child to teen Resolution one makes to accomplish something Feeling one shows […]

Love- A proposal to Life

Started of with a formal hi Without any expectation Without any demands That was a persistive approach Time went by & situations changed With the daily hi’s was an emotion With the daily meets there existed a feel That was a reciprocating admiration A stage of perfect match they concluded There by her side was […]