She walks in beauty
Yes!! She resembles a complete nurtured tree truly
She has a pride within
Bears an immense amount of healthy feeling
She being the youth giver
And yet she’s extremely clever
She is the solemn worldly power
Has Numerous strength like a mighty tower
The first individual a child bestows at his/her sight is she
The spiritual soul a child visits is she
She be your mother, your daughter,your sister,your lover
Nothing can go beyond this feminine power
Women are the beautiful pride of the nation
No sarcastic human has right to scatter them into division
Fate of your future wouldn’t exist
If the birth giver woman won’t exist
Lets make every woman so strong
That she’ll tackle every thing thats so wrong
Yes!! She walks in beauty 🙂 🙂

For all the beautiful and wise women of this world
#happy women’s day

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