Hard to gain, Hard to thrive, More to work, More to fight. Revenant if you be, Mercyful that almighty be, Again for a survivor to be, Acceptance in the dark to shine has to be. Conscious your activities are, Demon your thoughts are, Foe of yourself you are, If in your souls the demonic gratitude […]


Have you ever heard from someone that, “I am Curious to share my story”. Yes, It’s a vivid experience of a really awesome self being state. Friendship & Friends gives you an important severity in your life. It’s so true, And it’s a magic to feel so. But isn’t it more beautiful more astounding and […]

Restless creature

Instincts, that you feel of being incomplete when happens to a person is something unbearable. Invisible, you find yourself in the sight of yourself, you can hardly believe and hope for a magic. Unjustified, is that dream of yours when you don’t find the perfect you. Undignified, your motives become when solemnly you fear loosing. […]


The poetry be your voice The poetry be your inner peace The poetry be your soul Every poetry makes a simple attempt Every word of it makes an integrated effort Every single line of it makes a curious belief. It’s not a ritual written on paper its a poetry It’s not a harsh lecture its […]


She walks in beauty Yes!! She resembles a complete nurtured tree truly She has a pride within Bears an immense amount of healthy feeling She being the youth giver And yet she’s extremely clever She is the solemn worldly power Has Numerous strength like a mighty tower The first individual a child bestows at his/her […]